Looking for new adventures. Also looking for semi-regular fuckbuddies

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First of all, 3 things for you to note:


2. We do occasionally have a MASSIVE clear out of ALL messages (both read and un-read) as it does get difficult to manage. If you have messaged us previously, and your message was deleted, please don't take it personally: please message us again.

3. Due to some recent problems with single males mucking us around, our friends list is now reserved for couples and single females that we want to meet, or have met (and want to meet again). Single males will ONLY get on our friends list IF WE HAVE MET YOU (Sending us an un-invited friend request MAY GET YOU BLOCKED). Sorry chaps, but the "messers" have spoilt it for the "faithful". (Moan over)

One other thing... we are NOT free today, unless we specifically state it in our status or we are on the "meet today" list. Thank you.

...now on with the profile...


We are a couple in our forties. We would like to hear from single males and females, couples and groups that would like to meet up with us for fun times. Party invites welcome. We are both experienced in the swinging lifestyle, although Workman is more experienced than Her - but only because he's been doing it for longer! A wink to us, or a message shows us that you're interested in finding out more. It therefore follows that if we wink or message you, then we are interested - wink back or message us if you want to take it further.

workman, sometimes plays alone and has permission to play with females/couples. ...yes, he actually does: see our verifications, and her will confirm that if requested. (He has a fully verified solo account on here: o69me, if you want to take a look). Her also sometimes plays alone but ONLY after we have BOTH got to know you (but not in the biblical sense where Workman is concerned for males). Message us for details.

Further to the playing separately comments above we are on the lookout for an "official" Fuckbuddy for each of us. Get messaging everyone (don't forget the codeword) If there are any couples out theere that fancy being our fuckbuddies (to meet together and/or seperately) then that's fine too. PLEASE NOTE: Any prospective FB MUST be fairly local (within 10 ish miles) to us.

A bit about us:

Workman is 5'11", slim, medium build and WE.

Her is 5'0" size 10 with an excellent figure and wonderful pert breasts. Although it says she is bi-curious, she has not yet put her toes in the water on this - a first-time experience with the right person will be considered. She has recently experienced DV, and this is something she REALLY wants to do more of.

We both have an excellent sense of humour and both enjoy all forms of fun, with the exception of the usual No's. We are very outgoing and broadminded - there isn't much that shocks us. We have a number of fantasies that we are looking to make real; they involve singles (of both sexes), couples and groups, of all ages.

One thing that workman loves to do, is to eat creampie: whether that be from our male visitors after they have finished with her, or from couples that have sex with each other during meeting us.

We have had so many messages from single guys, we cannot possibly respond to them all so please don't take offence if we don't. That said, so many of them are one-liners, or at best a maximum of 5 words: THESE ARE MOSTLY IGNORED AND/OR DELETED WITH NO RESPONSE. We have also noticed that people who message us for the first time do not read our profile and put the correct "code word(s)" as the title. All decent messages, longer than 1 sentence and written in correct english are considered. Any first-time message sent from people not on our friends list, without the correct "code word(s)" are likely to be deleted without even being read. (People on our friends list are NOT bound by these rules). We have also set our message filters so that you can ONLY message us if you have PUBLIC photos on your profile. If you message us without any public photos available (i.e. you make one public just to message us and then make it private again), YOUR MESSAGE WILL IMMEDIATELY BE DELETED AND YOU MAY BE BLOCKED.

UPDATE REGARDING MESSAGES: As we get sooo many messages. We often find that we miss ones from people we want to hear from (or they "drop off" the bottom of our inbox). Please don't take it personally. Please do message us again. We also find that we have to regularly delete all read messages in a bid to find the ones that we have missed. If this is the case, we may need reminding from time-to-time of our earlier conversations with you. Hope you understand.

Random friend requests without some kind of messaging between us first are largely ignored and will most probably result in you being blocked.

Please do allow us time to read the messages that you send. Although one of us (mostly Workman) monitors our inbox (and fields/deletes messages where appropriate), we will not arrange anything unless we are together: As we both have busy lives, this can sometimes take a while.

Any couple wannabe's who aren't, in fact, couples WILL be found out and WILL be blocked: As will people who pester us, are rude to us, or who muck us about in any way - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Fuckbuddy codeword is: Hammerdrill.

UPDATE: If you arrange to meet us and do not show up without a decent reason, supplied BEFORE the event, YOU WILL GET BLOCKED!

Face pics are available for GENUINE people only, who are PHOTO VERIFIED and match at least one of the following: have at least one verification; who have face pics on their profile; or who provide face pics to us first (you MUST have a RECENT verification) - provided we both agree, we will send ours by return.

So that we know you have read our profile, please put the word "pickaxe" somewhere in the title of your message.

To be considerred for our shortlist of participants for any of our upcomming group meets, please send us a message with the word "screwdriver" in the title, tell us a little bit about yourself (we're not looking for war and peace - just a few words/sentences) and why you think you should be considered. Also please send recent face and unclothed photo of yourself (ideally, these should on the same photo but it's not compulsory). Friends and people we have met before get priority. Shortlists are normally compiled by workman. The final attendees are selected by her, and her alone.

WE DO NOT DO Kik OR WhatsApp.


Bareback gangbang competition information:

Date to be decided - but likely to be a Saturday afternoon/evening.

We are currently in the planning stage of organising a bareback gangbang "competition" for her. This will have two parts to it:

When you attend you will be given some kind of numbered identification (not sure what this will be yet). This will be used for Workman to keep "the score".

The first part is where all of our guests will wait downstairs and go upstairs when their turn comes for a 15 minute (maximum) 1-on-1 session with her. The first 5 minutes will be spent with her sucking you (if you choose to, you may give her oral in the 69 position at the same time). After this initial 5 minutes you will be free to start fucking. Your time ends when your 15 minutes are up or you cum (whichever is first). The "competition" element is the person who gives her the most orgasms, wins!

Workman will give her oral between the 1-on-1 sessions to ensure she is as clean as possible for the next contestant.

At the end of the 1-on-1 section of the evening, everyone will be invited upstairs for the gangbang to start proper. The person who is in the lead at that point in the evening gets to fuck her first and the person who is in second place gets sucked first. Scores will still be kept throughout the remainder of the evening.

At the end of the event, Workman will announce the winner.

THE PRIZE : will be a 1-on-1 session with no time-limits (reasonable time limits will apply - if it gets very late in the evening, that sort of thing). Workman will only be allowed in the room if her invites him in (which she may well do, so he can clean her each time you have "finished"). This session is to held at a mutually convenient time for you both (so you both can have time to recover from the gangbang)


* No pain, poo, watersports or anal

* what her says, goes!

* Workman to be in the room during ALL play sessions (except for the "prize" one). This is to keep score and also to photograph/video proceedings

* Workman's decision on the winner is final

* Although there is a "runner up" opportunity half-way through the event. There is NO 2nd place prize for the overall competition

* Only orgasms witnessed, recognised as an orgasm and counted by Workman with count towards any persons score

In order to be considered for the shortlist for this event (from which we will select the invitees), please send us a message with the word "plunger" in the title. Please include a little about yourself and why you feel you should be invited. Also, please include a RECENT face and body pic.

We currently only have 6 people on our shortlist, and we're looking to have at least ten before we start to organise this event to ensure we get a decent number of people there - keep those "applications" coming!



Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You DO NOT have our permission to use any of our profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of our privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this or you may copy and paste this one.

All photographs contained on this site and our profile are subject to UK Copyright Laws and International Copyright Law and remain our property at all times.

No images may be downloaded or used without permission from the photographer for any purpose whatsoever.

Use of any image as the basis for another photographic concept or illustration (digital, artist rendering or alike) is a violation of the UK Copyright Laws and International Copyright Law.


50 years old, Straight

5'11"  180cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
No tattoos
No piercings


51 years old, Bi-curious

5'0"  152cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
Some tattoos
No piercings

Looking For

Couples (MF) Couples (MM) Couples (FF) Men Women
Aged from 18 to 60
Will meet smokers


Can accommodate
Can travel


Adult Parties, Blindfolds, Cuckolding, Dogging, DP, Gangbangs, Group Sex, Making Videos, Oral, Same Room Swapping, Separate Room Swapping, Soft Swing, Spanking, Swingers Clubs, Taking Photos, Threesomes, Toys, Voyeurism

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Verified Genuine Profile

*B lincs (41), Man on 25 April 2019 by Meeting in person:
I recently had the pleasure of meeting with this lovely couple. Workman is polite, relaxed and friendly. Her is full of charm and humour, with a gorgeous body which looked amazing in lingerie and even better without. Looking forward to meeting again soon and trying out the hot tub ;-) x

*erfectlyPervy (46), Couple on 31 March 2019 by Meeting in person:
I’ve known this couple for sometime now, both are lovely people and she is sexy as hell, “she makes ya toes curl” but on this occasion it was just the cleaner, and he does a very good job too, Tara enjoyed his oral skill and his cleaning up, so naught it was it was so much fun, until the next time, :- )

*ichaelLou (33), Couple on 2 March 2019 by Meeting in person:
Met this lovely couple at our house party. They were very easy to get on with and were more than happy to help us get the party started up in the bedroom.. working their way round all the party goers ensuring everyone was having a good time.. “Her” was fun and sexy and she knew how to suck cock.. Thank you for cumming and we hope to see you both again x

*anandjohn (56), Couple on 25 February 2019 by Meeting in person:
We met this couple at a small gathering last night. They were good company & got stuck in to the sexy fun. Hope we bump in to them again xxx

*ookingforfun4426 (26), Couple on 25 February 2019 by Meeting in person:
Met this couple at a private party and they are lovely. L is a pocket rocket and has the lovely skills to make anyone cum and to amazing surprises lol. M is a lovely laid back bloke who knows what he wants and is very respectable. Great couple who we will see again x

*krealfun2 (54), Man on 3 December 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met Workman on another afternoon meeting a little over a week ago and wow it even better than before. They know what they are looking for and not shy in the bedroom. Meeting? Get in line?

*krealfun2 (54), Man on 1 September 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met Workman & Her for some afternoon on Friday and what a meeting it was. Found Workman to be a laid back type of guy that love to watch what her is getting up to before joining in. Her? A very, very sexy lady. Was greeted on arrival with Her in one very hot outfit and had to restrain myself. Her is engaging, confident, very easy to talk to and not a shy person even with the limited time she has been meeting others. I can say that she gives the best BJ in the UK and had to stop her from making me to the limit on several occasions. Must mention Her's breast. They are the limit. Very long nipples that are made for sucking and the sweetest tasting pussy I have enjoyed. If you get the opportunity to meet this genuine couple you'd better jump the opportunity

*lkstud4u2 (48), Man on 23 April 2018 by Meeting in person:
It was good to see old friends, met this lovely couple some years ago, that night didn’t go to plan, but last night we made up for the previous disappointment, a big wow factor for this couple, his nice and charming, she’s a pocket rocket, sexy and a body to drool for together they make a great couple and a sexy one at that too, look forward to the next time, and not so long either for the next time, xxx

*avefuntimes2 (41), Couple on 10 February 2018 by Meeting in person:
We meet this grate couple very friendly kind crate chat then lovely fun don’t mess them about if you get to meet them we felt very relaxed with them we cannot wait to see them again Paul and Helen xx

*ndercover2016 (52), Couple on 25 September 2017 by Meeting in person:
We meet up with Workman round at his house with the full knowledge of her who was unfortunately working. He is a very considerate person who is not in the slightest bit pushy. We all had a great time. I (Squirt) really enjoyed his tongue action! Great conversation too. Looking forward to meeting up again either solo or with her too. A genuine guy who doesn't deserve to be messed around. It's certainly your lose if you do.

*arl James (38), Man on 2 June 2017 by Meeting in person:
Oh my goodness, I was very privileged to meet this lovely couple in London this evening..... We had been chatting for a while and I finally got my chance, wow this lady is amazing very nice oral skills, fab tasting pussy and there is the booty, incredible, wonderful breasts too, the gent is a lucky guy, very laid back and keen to help his wife have a great time, hmmm looking forward to longer extended meets, thanks guys see you soon! Xx

*on and jane doa (49), Couple on 9 May 2017 by Meeting in person:
Well we can confirm workman and his wife are 100% genuine and know what they are doing. They come for a social and made us feel relaxed and very horny their was no pressure and the evening went with out incident so much so they come back the next night and we all ended up on the floor naked together.

*o with the flow 69 (47), Couple on 9 April 2017 by Meeting in person:
Had a meet with this very nice couple a very nice relaxing and enjoyable evening.L has very good oral skills.M knows how to lick pussy.great evening had by all

* a u l (47), Man on 29 December 2016 by Meeting in person:
I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely couple tonight at a club. I was lucky enough to be invited to join in and play. Big thanks!!!! Workman is a real gent and Her is an amazing lady . The both hold a great conversation and well as great play company. If you ever need a fantasy for-filling, i'm free any time to help.

*itnessNut (28), Man on 5 December 2016 by Meeting in person:
Another amazing meet with Workmanandher. If I had to put it into 1 word, it would either be "heaven" or "relaxing". They are what Fab is all about. Down to earth and some of the friendliest people you're likely to meet. A night of mutual pleasure that I'd love to repeat. After all "sharing is caring" ;)

*itnessNut (28), Man on 4 October 2016 by Meeting in person:
I met this fantastic couple last night for a meet at theirs. What a night it was! They were both very welcoming and I felt relaxed and at ease in moments. They're both lovely, fun people and great to have conversation with. We did before and after. Workman is a top bloke. Very welcoming, accommodating and a great sense of humour. He certainly knew what he was doing in the bedroom. What can I say about her? Absolutely amazing! She's a down to earth and lovely lady with a fun and bubbly personality. Her pictures don't do her justice and neither do the other verifications. A very pleasing woman that just couldn't get enough. She tastes fantastic and feels equally as good. If you get the opportunity to meet this couple, don't mess them about. You certainly won't regret it and, if my night with them was anything to go by, is an evening you won't forget. If I get the chance, I'd love to meet you both again.

*wLonGuy (47), Man on 30 August 2016 by Meeting in person:
I met this lovely couple this afternoon and can only say thank you for a wonderfull time. They are very socialble, and intelligent conversationalists. A pleasure to be with on this point alone, then the fun started. L is a stunning cute bundle of sexiness in her amazing lingerie. WOW!!! Very friendly and an amazing touch which got my pulse racing indeed. She knows how to to make a man feel special and genuinely has all the right curves in all the right places. If you two have any further scenarios you need to for-fill, I'm more than happy to oblige. Guys, if you get an invite, please don't waste their time, as you wont get a 2nd chance. I would be honoured to meet again given the opportunity. Hope to See you at Tease one day. Until next time.... P.

*aznpaul (43), Couple on 11 August 2016 by Meeting in person:
Met this hot chatty couple at the annex last night .. was hoping they were going to join us but was not to be .. they should visit some of the London clubs we attend

*heAnnex (49), Woman on 26 May 2016 by Meeting in person:
These lovely two can to a party at The Annex last night and what a great couple they are! both of them are great fun to be with and chilled as F***K .... really hope that they will make many more visits :D

*ark2606 (24), Man on 26 May 2016 by Meeting in person:
I met these lovely people at the Annex last night and wow. I was made to feel welcome and part of the party. Extremely good fun with the Mrs and hopefully a repeat very soon. Thank you guys xx

*ipplesRus (51), Couple on 26 May 2016 by Meeting in person:
A very pleasurable evening at the Annex with Worknan and Her. A very relaxed couple, we chatted and shared some swinging experiences...her smiled when I said what our fab name is. When the three of us went to the bedroom I soon found out why A perfect start to greedy Girls night..,looking forward to introducing you both to Christine...a foursome de force and that will be just the nipples. You two are the perfect swinging partners and we look forward to hours of fun and friendship with you. Richard and soon to meet you Christine xxx

*enman65 (53), Man on 1 April 2016 by Meeting in person:
Just had a very nice social meet with this lovely and genuine couple. Would like to meet up again

*everbeenhappier (49), Couple on 13 August 2015 by Meeting in person:
Finally met this vibrant couple last night. Great hosts and easy conversation followed by super sexy fun that left us smiling. Her is a beautiful lady, with a fabulous personality and a gorgeous figure - she certainly knows how to work her body. Workman is a lovely gent, easy going, sexy and knows how to please a woman. Thank you for a wonderful evening, until next time A&D xxx