Here's the rules for the chatroom. These rules are enforced by the chatroom moderators (who have a * after their names). Everything that is said in the chatroom is recorded (including private messages) so to ensure that these rules are being followed.

  1. By using your webcam you are allowing anyone in the room to view what is displayed on it. No one who is (or appears to be) under the age of 18 can be displayed on camera (even if they appear in the background) or heard on audio.
  2. You may not display anything illegal on your webcam.
  3. No video or stills: If your cam is on it should be showing a live feed, not a slideshow of pics, not a video.
  4. You may not direct people on cam to do something in particular, apart from in the Directing Room which is for people who want comments and to be told what to do. To be clear, directing can include suggesting or asking e.g. "could I see your tits?" is considered directing just as "show us your tits" is.
  5. Unless you're in the directing room, you can't specifically ask to be directed (told what to do) because it makes things impossible for the moderators. For clarity, "playing" and appearing on cam nude in non-directing rooms are fine but specifically asking people to direct you (tell you what to do) in those rooms is not OK and the moderators will ask you to move to the directing room.
  6. Flooding the room with characters (e.g. 11111111111111111111111111111111111's) or persistantly flooooooodddddddddddddiiiiiiingggggggggggg itttttttttttttttt withhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh extra letters is annoying for the other users and will get you a timeout so please don't do it :)
  8. Don't post phone numbers (or kik/whatsapp or similar) in the chatroom.
  9. Other members of the chatroom must be treated with respect at all times.
  10. To protect our users from spam, do not post any web addresses or email / IM address / skype / kik / whatsapp or similar in chat (if you need to share your email or IM address you should do so by private message).
  11. Please don't use the chat room to dispute current or past chat bans or moderation because it spoils the room for other users and it's unfair on the mods who are all volunteers. We understand that sometimes mistakes and mis-judgements do happen and welcome feedback directly.
  12. Any other behaviour which a moderator believes to be disruptive, offensive or otherwise inappropriate for this site.