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What is plan b?

*hagTonight5117 minutes ago
by *naswingdress

When's the next lockdown?

*rmanslut11832 minutes ago
by *nterracialDesires

Welsh vaccine passport

*igNick13813333 minutes ago
by *abio

Todays figures

*ust_here_for_her2039 minutes ago
by *abio

Boost jab

*topthepress871 hour ago
by *naswingdress

Yellow Card scheme

*Gentleman81 hour ago
by *ob1981a

Where's God in all of this?

*ntrepid Explorers1211 hour ago
by *rayson Pervy

Mates Dad down the Pub

*ac2207432 hours ago
by *ob1981a

Pcr test scandal

*irtyold man343 hours ago
by *I Two

Flight bans

*ittall202004 hours ago
by *ittall2020

Is the government too slow to act yet again?

*ejand Raul1466 hours ago
by *ob1981a

Mild? But very unpleasant!

*hades Of Grey16 hours ago
by *I Two

If they make a Sti / hiv vaccine would you

*ncutgem186 hours ago
by *ensual desire

Murder charges for a leader

*ophieslut2214 hours ago
by *naswingdress

Worst day for symptoms

*ewmale20194924 hours ago
by *inxnmaster

Covid twice??

*istahJ7452 days ago
by *dam and slut

Is it the simple things

*otMe66342 days ago
by *naswingdress

Thread for the unvaccinated

*kywalker221773 days ago
by *CaramelCurves


*alamander303 days ago
by *CaramelCurves

Uk gov investigation

*irtyold man1774 days ago
by *he Ring Wraith

Effectiveness of vaccine

*ugbyboicymru734 days ago
by *ouple202

Aspirin substantially lowers COVID risk — George Washington University study

*litterbabe404 days ago
by *lik and Paul

Who agrees

*irtyold man425 days ago
by *udistcpl1

PCR for 17 year old single vaccinated???

*ameside697755 days ago
by *naswingdress

New zealand mandates vaccines for heath workers and teachers.

*hagTonight985 days ago
by *irldn

Iain and Vikki

*ainvik198115 days ago
by *ySecretLife69

Covids hit friends so reluctant to swing

*i_guy2016315 days ago
by *ob1981a

That's not very good

*I Two46 days ago
by *ophieslut

Newbury showground testing

*ompersion66 days ago
by *ophieslut

Mp report

*ohnj21577 days ago
by *olly_chromatic


*istahJ797 days ago
by *outhern Socials

12-15 year olds jabs

*icolerobbie1507 days ago
by *ob1981a

Now I have seen it all

*traight_no_ice697 days ago
by *essysteve

Chinese PCR procurement in MAY 2019

*667 days ago
by *naswingdress

Booster Jab

*igNick1381701 week ago
by *ac2207

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