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pub yesterday

*am19641001446 minutes ago
by *ugby Does MFM

Boris, lower deaths NOTHING to do with Vaccinations

*ale and Friend109 minutes ago
by *quirtyndirty!

Shoppers today

*iger4u4825 minutes ago
by *erry 1

Musing about covid 19 a year on

*ittleMissCali633 minutes ago
by *naswingdress

3 week warning

*onko the Sane362 hours ago
by *andR510

Hypothetical - What safety procedures would / will you implement prior to a meet? (post 21st June)

*J403 hours ago
by *J

Lockdown easing

*heNYCSausage643 hours ago
by *rman82

What’s real anymore??

*estBJ45 hours ago
by *ophieslut

hot water comedy club

*andDP615 hours ago
by *andS66

Get vaccine or be redeployed

*ackformore100357 hours ago
by *ackformore100

Covid vaccination

*ilky smooth peach377 hours ago
by *bsinthe_boy


*honglover1267 hours ago
by *ittleMissCali

I have a question for the experts

*arker me538 hours ago
by *naswingdress


*am1964100378 hours ago
by *ools and the brain

Who is still dying?

*ntrepid Explorers119 hours ago
by *inky_Carpenter

Vaccines available for 45+ cohort

*peak and Spell1010 hours ago
by *uliette500


*ackformore100013 hours ago
by *ackformore100

Could inhaled asthma drug be a game changer?

*hagTonight614 hours ago
by *hagTonight


*ooj1420 hours ago
by *xploring_Fun

vaccine arm

*fifefem924 hours ago
by *iger4u

Time to close Virus Thread

*anDare2705211 day ago
by *ophieslut

Identification vaccine .

*heblackmac1491 day ago
by *ophieslut

OxAz- what on earth went wrong?

*sianManc1271 day ago
by *ob1981a


*aryFuckingPoppins..431 day ago
by *lym4real

246 fully vaccinated Michigan residents test positive for Covid and three die

*entlemanrogue821 day ago
by *utsider

What date can we meet for sex ?

*ovelyman51 day ago
by *ugby Does MFM

Are journalists naturally thick?

*leaserforPleasure691 day ago
by *ackformore100


* Midnight -371 day ago
by *i_guy2016

Who’s had 2end jab

*astminfun2452 days ago
by *inchee

cruise 2022

*istyblue1967212 days ago
by *alm_one4

Fabswingers Restrictions

*ornyJ3000162 days ago
by *ictoryLaps

Mask or underwear

*leaserforPleasure152 days ago
by *ystery Dick

Home testing

*ensualkink252 days ago
by *s2andyou2

Covid related - sort of

*amie59483 days ago
by *amiss

Where all losing our Rights

*aralewis1753 days ago
by *naswingdress

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