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Illegal sex

*issalicious824 minutes ago
by *himp_Kitten

England's Infection Rate

*ntelligent Gent.1005 minutes ago
by *npraiseofboobs


*ictureofpicasso8145 minutes ago
by *eeley

Sex with others is illegal from tomorrow

*urvalicious-HW991 hour ago
by *evernman

Trace and track

*erts couple1661 hour ago
by *sGivesWood

The virus has not gone. This is not all over.

*asyuk1721 hour ago
by *ompersion


*andykevin49162 hours ago
by *npraiseofboobs

Say you have met Cummimgs

*ncutgem1482 hours ago
by *ethnmelv

Sex in your house with a person from another household illegal from today

*i Black712 hours ago
by *mmablu

Is Covid-19 a Sexually Transmitted Disease?

*reyya12 hours ago
by *orpork Watch

GYMs being open soon?

*ig Fun T494 hours ago
by *uriousCats200

Second wave wont come until autumn

*ncutgem1214 hours ago
by *erry2018


*arakiss1224 hours ago
by *ittleMissCali

Face Masks

*aine121495 hours ago


*ytenite56 hours ago
by *aramelized

That's it..

*j483712 hours ago
by *hubbsAndBoobs

Review of Social Distancing

*dd2691812 hours ago
by *eldek

Silverstone moto gp cancelled

*ittleMissCali1313 hours ago
by *ella1981

Durdle door

*ydrew5814 hours ago
by *larkie75

Well Done Prof Van Tam

*exleyboy2615 hours ago
by *ophieslut

Lack of evidence lockdowns actually work scandal

*etsome4516 hours ago
by *heIcebreakers

Self employed gov payment

*awnmowerman197112016 hours ago
by *orpork Watch

Distancing rule breakers report or not?

*andAuk17518 hours ago
by *histleandflute363036

Annual Leave whilst off work “shielding”

*iss Innocent911 day ago
by *issiemoo


*andykevin4961 day ago
by *apiophile

Should it have been dealt with differently

*ust a bloke 2020731 day ago
by *utsider

People shielding and exercise

*ompersion81 day ago
by *ike Monkey


*he Woodys431 day ago
by *amiss

School Virus

*ason J11 day ago
by *iss.dd

england, scotland, wales, northern ireland

*ichaelsmy141 day ago
by *ax777

Its all been a coverup

*irty n squirty131 day ago
by *errichonne

Scotland lifting lockdown

*lackXeal291 day ago
by *arakiss12

Refunds Travel Companies

*amiss1102 days ago
by *ust4fun26

England new rules

*inkyKitty302 days ago
by *ookyandlicky

Be Kind

*moan_again192 days ago
by *mmablu

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