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*erry 17 1 minute ago!
by *inkerbell67

100,000 and counting

*uciyass302 minutes ago
by *istress_Dominatrix

it's a sin

*andDP1639 minutes ago
by *edangel_2013


*r Diamond him shine9645 minutes ago
by *pursChick aka Shortie

Lockdown for life.

*ershaw17747 minutes ago
by *rman82

Govt considering "half way house" until Easter

*mmixtape5052 minutes ago
by *iercedyvonne

lockdown set to continue until at least 8 March

*atEvolution01 hour ago
by *atEvolution

Obesity playing a major part in fatalities of Corona.

*tlas20191001 hour ago
by *adyJayne

Sticking to current regulations

*icecouple561251 hour ago
by *icecouple561

Armchair statisticians and trigger-bait threads

*inglenotts342 hours ago
by *inglenotts

Sanofi to produce the pfizer vaccine

*ompersion112 hours ago
by *ostafun

Has the pandemic altered your beliefs in God ... Part 2

*leaserforPleasure183 hours ago
by *an4fun

Tough times for all

*oung4funCool83 hours ago
by *utsider

Gob Smacking really

*atEvolution224 hours ago
by *heHeathens

The risks of partial immunisation

*oo hot64 hours ago
by *irlinlingerie

The game changer perhaps. And already showing that it works

*atEvolution46 hours ago
by *inky_couple2020


*irldn17 hours ago
by *antraman999

When are the Senior Members of The Government going to play bu the rules

*exleyboy577 hours ago
by *reyya

100,000 Covid deaths in the UK since the pandemic began

*leaserforPleasure1758 hours ago
by *ants202020

Do you carry an extra mask with you?

*hagTonight578 hours ago
by *heffbloke81

Mental and Sexual Wellbeing

*portyndNaughty578 hours ago
by *eedsmale36

What a prick!

*otWifeCouple284310 hours ago
by *otuseater10

Who has been Vaccinated

*7510 hours ago
by *restonM50

The EU vaccine rollout and supplies . . .

*atEvolution2811 hours ago
by *ovebjs

At risk sectors

*emini TV2519 hours ago
by *amiss

One in ten

*usybee735420 hours ago
by *exy Pretty Feet

Folk getting restless

*luebell88815024 hours ago
by *ionelhutz

Consequences of conspiracies

*inky_couple20201551 day ago
by *uyforyou

3 nights of riots in holland

*usybee73341 day ago
by *asIsa


*ionelhutz1141 day ago
by *olly_chromatic

quarantine hotels

*andDP1751 day ago
by *ouble C

Any advice

*atch23111 day ago
by *atch23

Some Quality parenting

*ackformore10091 day ago
by *ittleMissCali

Catching covid

*eanne_Bate481 day ago
by *uckandbunny

Suicide v Covid

*areass2017181 day ago
by *ickonsea

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