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Eat out to help out

*londenewcouple25 1 minute ago!
by *ustfun 1984

Masks in stores.

*aastyKnix37 1 minute ago!
by *he James gang

Vermin Coleman

*on_mclane536 minutes ago
by *emini TV

Pizza hut to close 66 pizzerias.

*hagTonight2659 minutes ago
by *ty31

Is it just me..

*otmale5781 hour ago
by *ommenhim

Cancer and the virus

*idnight Vixen181 hour ago
by *ohnny316

Don't be negative think positive

*emini TV191 hour ago
by *emini TV

Aberdeen in new lockdown

*istress_Dominatrix62 hours ago
by *istress_Dominatrix

Second wave narrative

*etsome92 hours ago
by *emini TV

Since Sunday we have sat in a Restaurant, Sat in a Cinema, stayed in a Hotel . . .

*atEvolution182 hours ago
by * and M looking

Is it not as bad as they say ?

*unliverpool34 hours ago
by *ophieslut

Quick question

*ine.165 hours ago
by *eeley

GOOD NEWS lowest death since before Lockdown.

*atEvolution85 hours ago
by *eeley

Vaccine update?

*sianManc1165 hours ago
by *ookyandlicky

Preparing children ....

*ySecretLife69516 hours ago
by *inky_couple2020

'World beating'

*ella and Jack337 hours ago
by *moothman2000

I phoned the police about someone in tesco

*etsome478 hours ago
by *ugby Does MFM

Positive Test

*rishunicorn999 hours ago
by *rishunicorn

Schools opening

*ETSHAVEFUN110310 hours ago
by *d4funtimes


*F651616 hours ago
by *harli Grace

Weird things about this pandemic

*etsome6517 hours ago
by *ophieslut

Over 50s

*hiskyman17521 hours ago
by *icecouple561

WHO - Mask advice!

*astMySellByDate20208821 hours ago
by *weet tease bbw

Glory Hole and a Condom - Covid Friendly

*ower Couple - Norfolk1221 hours ago
by *ower Couple - Norfolk


*ictureofpicasso6022 hours ago
by *abio

The Case for Why Lockdown was the Wrong Decision

*harli Grace11522 hours ago
by *harli Grace

Will swingers clubs survive Covid 19?

*oruseandabuse631 day ago
by *lan157

Just been tested

*ash Von Riprock391 day ago
by *izandpaul


*exy7291 day ago
by *penfire2000

Switch Nightclub Preston reopened last Saturday

*litterbabe101 day ago
by *inky_couple2020

Weekly All Causes Deaths In England And Wales

*ait88761 day ago
by *ait88

What one thing would you stock up on?

*hagTonight231 day ago
by *entguy11

Whats Really Going On with This Virus

*om girl731 day ago
by *agneto.

Coronavirus: Major incident declared in Greater Manchester after COVID-19 rise

*oxy jen262 days ago
by *ash Von Riprock

90 minute covid test

*istress_Dominatrix192 days ago
by *istress_Dominatrix

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