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Self isolation boredom

*pringular4 1 minute ago!
by *alcon43

Pinged to isolate. Would you?

*hiccasfuck1246 minutes ago
by *alcon43

Double jabbed image

*ev93116 minutes ago
by *naswingdress

Vaccine passports

*uddy lane7825 minutes ago
by *naswingdress

Test before meet

*atte_and_Macchiato9453 minutes ago
by *ewcouplemids

Refused to meet because of vaccination.

*amy8179681 hour ago
by *adMer

Going back to wearing masks

*ustforfun491151 hour ago
by *ammski

Most COVID deaths in England now are in the vaccinated – here’s why that shouldn’t alarm you

*leaserforPleasure212 hours ago
by *naswingdress

Confused about international travel

*ittleMissCali144 hours ago
by *ot Wife Becky

Lost strength in arm

*ete35364 hours ago
by *jones

France have now new strict restrictions.

*hagTonight696 hours ago
by *ouisa Might

Covid or STD

*rbanemerseyside337 hours ago
by *illywinky1

Is it logical to assume that eventually everybody will have been exposed to covid?

*litterbabe107 hours ago
by *otsossie

Herd immunity through exposure

*olly_chromatic5113 hours ago
by *ophieslut

Covert attempt for "herd immunity"

*asyuk9218 hours ago
by *Just me

So many years of lost human life

*ophieslut5918 hours ago
by *Just me

vaccination of children

*ontbesillywrapyourwilly17524 hours ago
by *uckandbunny


*aye Dam Blue151 day ago
by *naswingdress

US pulls the LFT

*uysx2341 day ago
by *arkoh

Members of the house should be exempt from covid passports.

*hagTonight51 day ago
by *hagTonight

When the spores settles

*andare63181 day ago
by *kura

Vaccination eradicated smallpox

*rmanslut831 day ago
by *rmanslut

Freedom Day..ha!!!

*732 days ago
by *allySlinky

I can't be responsible for the twit behind me

*ightGent422 days ago
by *estival

Come on .. admit it

*nicecoupleX162 days ago
by *hoenix1973

Bets are on???

*r Sunn232 days ago
by *drianuk

Only 35k 1st Jabs + 143k 2nd Jabs yesterday - is the vaccine program starting to hit the antivaxers

*J1762 days ago
by *ik M

Refused to meet because or vaccination.

*amy817942 days ago
by *leasure4leisure

NHS App - not for for purpose?

*odder382 days ago
by *illywinky1

Test Test Test

*tephanie Debris272 days ago
by *ob1981a

UK simply too unsafe to take part

*ackformore100363 days ago
by *heBirminghamWeekend

Is "Pinging" becoming Unworkable ?

*ryan...463 days ago
by *estival

Track and trace

*ackformore100433 days ago
by *ittle_brat_evie!!


*el beau23 days ago
by *ostafun

Self isolate

*orter201033 days ago
by *he Light Switch

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