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Refreshing to hear

*andyfloss20007927 minutes ago
by *ovis Waffle

Not just about the virus!

*oose and Vixen143 hours ago
by *hagTonight

Cancer mRNA vaccine completes pivotal trial

*instonandLadyAstor1776 hours ago
by *fternoonDelight69

Who got Covid before there jab if they got one

*aves8887824 hours ago
by *rmanslut

Monkey pox

*ome4fun5551451 day ago
by *naswingdress

The super fungal apocalypse.

*hagTonight661 day ago
by *rFunBoy

Unvaccinated guy any ladies want to be fwb

*uppylovee212 days ago
by *ugby 123

Who got the jab but now would not ?

*aves8881272 days ago
by *axtan

He wanted to meet me but....

*hoenix 400882 days ago
by *ugby 123

Any non jabbed women

*illfordonuts1753 days ago
by *ittleMissCali

Only one Covid jab

*iss piggy44525 days ago
by *ob1981a

First time Covid infection

*oo hot165 days ago
by *19872000

USA entry requirements

*icker776 days ago
by *p4funWelly

Would vaxed pepole have sex with un vaxed pepole ?

*aves8881756 days ago
by *irty_Deeds

Vaccines make you lazy

*ovis Waffle467 days ago
by *rmanslut

Jordon Walker, Directed Evolution

*osaint1971841 week ago
by *ylonSlut

Why is this board even here?

*ants_Nerdy_Couple341 week ago
by *

Excess cardiovascular deaths

*eepthroat1211792 weeks ago
by *naswingdress

Time to remove this Virus forum?

*allBLKGuy362 weeks ago
by *ugby 123

The Last Of Us series

*ames25012252 weeks ago
by *igNick1381

Japan downgrade Covid to flu

*ogans run902 weeks ago
by *instonandLadyAstor

Parliament and meetings at Davos show very strong NPI measures

*orset.J632 weeks ago
by *naswingdress

Covid pasta

*ackformore100252 weeks ago

Should UK now be restricting Chinese visitors

*ryan...1372 weeks ago
by *aves888

Professors urge change

*ogans run133 weeks ago
by *ackformore100

Proof mRNA and heart problems?

*mp4111763 weeks ago
by *ovis Waffle


*riskygaz513 weeks ago
by *irty_Deeds

Excess deaths in 2022 among worst in 50 years

*aussage703 weeks ago
by *ackformore100

Turn back the clock

*ockle771603 weeks ago
by *instonandLadyAstor

Spot on cock?

*acjim65263 weeks ago
by *R LAW

Why all the conspiracy theories?

*rmanslut1753 weeks ago
by *naswingdress

What to do in China?

*ophieslut613 weeks ago
by *irty_Deeds

Shock! Horror! New deadly strain of Covid!

*ogans run833 weeks ago
by *naswingdress

Parents refuse use of vaccinated blood in life-saving surgery on baby

*instonandLadyAstor1773 weeks ago
by *naswingdress

New Govt Advice

*otsossie144 weeks ago
by *rmanslut

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