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*otWifeCouple2847just this minute! 
by *irst time couple 48

Lock down against what?

*ady1 and gent692 minutes ago
by *ayContainFullNuts

Wear your mask PROPERLY.

*isterkitchen205 minutes ago
by *llshewants

Accelerated vaccine

*ookyandlicky011 minutes ago
by *ookyandlicky

Big pharma

*uriousfire1012 minutes ago
by *ophieslut

Burnhams gone quiet

*ackformore1008512 minutes ago
by *mmablu


*lut012513 minutes ago

New Lockdown

*k8210913 minutes ago
by *osalind

Schools to remain open - your views?

*exy715324 minutes ago
by *inky_couple2020

It's just delay ............

*ranny-Crumpet1747 minutes ago
by *ty31

How are you feeling?

*achael xx7450 minutes ago
by *ondlewithcare

The Fuckwits are back

*achel Smyth3554 minutes ago
by *UXEY

4pm news conference coming

*abio1052 hours ago
by *ayContainFullNuts

Civil disobediance!

*exie32 hours ago
by *moothman2000

chinese flu

*eavenNhell02 hours ago
by *eavenNhell

Have you had it?

*lue Narwhal333 hours ago
by *uiteniceguy

Mainstream media misinformation and lies

*he-Hosiery-Gent474 hours ago
by *oggone

Boris is on NOW

*ranny-Crumpet344 hours ago
by *ixenhix


*eamPerve6984 hours ago
by *issP69

Stop listening

*ady1 and gent34 hours ago
by *ady1 and gent

Boris is a fkn plank

*ookyandlicky14 hours ago
by *tace 309

Lockdown now ??

*iptonbloke1285 hours ago
by *ookyandlicky

Rule of 6

*roperty of the boss825 hours ago
by *reemonkey1712

Suck it up buttercup ?

*ookyandlicky156 hours ago
by *ookinginSalford

Why doesn't anyone clap for the NHS

*oe Joe 39396 hours ago
by *exie

Animal testing to find a cure?

*ocket Ronnie Hardon406 hours ago
by *s looking for nothing


*ickedWilly7776 hours ago
by *wlw6964

Is Sage advice valid?

*ristoltwo277 hours ago
by *ussex team up

Possible gov pilot - The army will covid test every resident of Redcar (also 2 others)

*J468 hours ago
by *0shadesOfFilth

Nightingale Hospital

*om girl208 hours ago
by *yn drwg

Let the vulnerable protect themselves

*unliverpool5410 hours ago
by *adesh

still no second wave appearing in Sweden

*nter the sandman13410 hours ago
by *orkshireGent42

National lockdown by the middle of the week

*as11117711 hours ago
by *ophieslut


*rincessvenus613 hours ago
by *aria_dreamgirl

False results from tests

*eandmysexyw1fe10722 hours ago
by *ust-Andy

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