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*arney Rock584 hours ago
by *ornajo83

Giving blood

*D and Cock397 hours ago
by *aughty in Tamworth

Tinnitus and Covid

*igertiger588 hours ago
by *ogan8819

Monkey pox

*etermcshite89 hours ago
by *illy001

Recommend cough medicine for covid

*ittleMissCali3012 hours ago
by *orny PT

More monkeypox cases

*olly_chromatic17614 hours ago
by *alandNita

Vaccinated vs unvaccinated

*ust_here_for_her1612 days ago
by *ims_Pins

4th booster

*olcock1022 days ago
by *nnie2009


*esthetic211253 days ago
by *naswingdress

How many people

*usterCherry1754 days ago
by *naswingdress

Whatever happened to...

*ackformore100605 days ago
by *ean counter

Anyone caught covid from a sexy party?

*okenutopian206 days ago
by *nlivene

Caught covid

*inkxRabbit1752 weeks ago
by *naswingdress

Should this negative thread be shut down

*ork Class1422 weeks ago
by *illy001

Unvaccinated sperm and eggs to become a rare and valued commodity?

*rivextr872 weeks ago
by *naswingdress

No masks on planes and trains!

*unnyPair1202 weeks ago
by *irebolt1

Negative on throat swab positive on nose swab

*MBER KENT262 weeks ago
by *ittleMissCali

Covid made me better !!!

*layPrincessDaddyBear322 weeks ago
by *izandpaul

Vaccine doesn;t stop you catching COVID-19

*ouple2021482 weeks ago
by *

5th Dose

*ames21081403 weeks ago
by *

a new lock down

*assion Queen1773 weeks ago
by *hosepeoplex2

Some good news!!

*rFunBoy133 weeks ago
by *alandNita

Does it end???

*ichaelangela1743 weeks ago
by *naswingdress

COVID sent me doolally

*aintDaniel143 weeks ago
by *

Who is unvaccinated?

*1753 weeks ago
by *alandNita

Breach of coronavirus restrictions

*drianuk1573 weeks ago
by *ucyJames60

Long covid

*otsossie383 weeks ago
by *izandpaul

Back Pain

*uxomBoobs195453 weeks ago
by *lex D.


*hocko87123 weeks ago
by *op off your tops


*Erect-Jim-144 weeks ago
by *Erect-Jim-

Crappy immune system after Covid?

*1134 weeks ago
by *alkyrie 36JJ

Virus v exosome

*akeandpussy104 weeks ago
by *izandpaul

Cripes . . .

*atEvolution34 weeks ago
by *atEvolution

Meeting or Not meeting?

*litcock525 weeks ago
by *nnie2009

No Covid Crisis in India

*ucianpound1185 weeks ago
by *asyuk

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